What’s the alternative to buttons on baby clothes?

What’s the alternative to buttons on baby clothes?

Buttons are hazardous for babies; that is, they can pull them off and may choke on them when you are not looking. It’s not just the trouble of choking, but buttons can be a pain to deal with on a newborn or a wriggly new baby. Buttons are cute, but alternatives will make your life much easier.

Press Studs

These are an interlocking pair of discs that are closed or snapped together to fasten the clothes. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can either sew them or punch them into the garment. If you use the heavy-duty ones, then they are less likely to be pulled off.


This is a great alternative to buttons. You can sew or stick them on the front or back of the garment; add them to the cuffs as well. They go great with baby jackets and fly fronts. The only thing to consider is to make sure they don’t come in direct contact with the body or it can leave an abrasion.


Magnets can also be used on baby jackets.


Toggles are a practical alternative to buttons. They look especially attractive on coats and jackets.

Frog Fasteners

These look very elegant on any type of garment for babies.


To pull the edges of the clothes, the lace is looped around holes and pulled through eyelets. They also make a good alternative to buttons on baby clothes.


D Rings

These are sold in pairs. The D ring fastens itself into an O ring and its hold is secure. Care must be taken to sew them properly to get the maximum hold out of the pairs.


These are the best alternative to buttons as they are very convenient to take the baby in and out of the garments.


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